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All Homeward Bound United
Submitted by: cguillotryan | 3:09pm, Oct 16
Columbus OH United States

My Vision of Peace
"All Homeward Bound United" is about the universal need for safety, peace, and a home.

I have been struck by the contrast of of the benevolent and heroic view that most Americans have of their own immigrant ancestors and the rejection and fear of people now seeking help and refuge here now. Unless one is of American Indian heritage, United States citizens are all descendants of immigrants.

To awake empathy, this piece unites images of U.S. historical immigration ships with early native art and archival territory maps, encircling a divided refugee boat seeking safety, surrounded by a "nest" of obstacles, and layered with "portals" of human hands of multiple skin tones pressing against the surface to demonstrate that we are all united in the need for safety and peace, and the desire for home.

Spray paint texture and shadows of razor wire and broken glass, xeroxes of artists' hands, collage on canvas of immigration archival ship illustrations, hunting cave paintings, vintage U.S. Indian territory maps, Nasa Earth imagery (with focus on Africa, Europe, and the Middle East), and textured papers, photos of American fair-goers crowd from above, positive/negative documentary photo of actual refugee boat, all divided across two canvases: from darkness into the light.

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