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'Apple Blossom, Tree of Peace'
Submitted by: awaken2sun | 7:09am, Aug 24
Culver City CA United States

My Vision of Peace
'Apple blossom, Tree of Peace'

Native Irish Crab Apple tree Malus sylvestris an crann fia-úll
This native tree is a colourful seasonal provider of flower and fruit, which goes by the Latin name of Malus sylvestris.

The name that rings a bell with most of us is the more commonly used one, the Crab apple.
Native wild Crab Apple trees are quite rare in Ireland, with the majority of them growing within the hedgerows and woodlands.

The attractive blossom clusters, which were earlier crimson in the bud, open throughout the month of May in shades of pink and white with yellow centres.
The flowers are pollinated by the early bees, one of the 90 possible associated insects that the Crab apple provides a home and sustenance for.
Another form of wildlife that benefits from the growth of the Crab apple tree are our native birds, they relish the trees autumn crop of greenish-yellow miniature apples.
The birds then scatter the apple seed throughout the hedgerows where it will grow to complete another of nature's life circles.

I have one in my garden which I love.

Crab apples can also be juiced and used in baking.

This scattering of seeds concept is why I've used this lambda digital print.
If we took the seed idea and scattered it to the world to spread the word of peace for creating growth and regrowth, it would grow strong with its branches, bear fruit, beautiful flowers and provide nourishment for many like the apple tree.

I feel that the colours used can create a calming peace of mind, which is important in these stressful times.

The pencil drawing was originally created for a notebook with the following project;
KRF:2 Artist Notebook Project,

I then scanned the drawing and manipulated it in photoshop adding colour and geometrical sculptured layers.

The lambda digital print will also be a part of
'Open Book | Leabhar Oscailte' A solo exhibition by Kathy

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judith     12:03pm, Aug 24


The depth you have created with the layering is very effective. My eyes continue wanting to explore it more and more!

kathyoleary     6:13am, Aug 25


Thank you for your comment Judith, funnily enough I keep doing the same even though I created it, it keeps me looking into the image further.
I love the effect layering can create.
All the best.

ckay     2:39pm, Aug 25


Wonderful concept. The depth is really interesting.

kathyoleary     6:44am, Aug 26


Thank you Ckay, K



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