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Passing the Peace!
Submitted by: awaken2sun | 6:29pm, Sep 02
Culver City CA United States

My Vision of Peace
Last year I decided I would definitely have enough time create a photograph and post it as my entry for The Peace Project Art Exhibit in 2012. Time past quickly and I felt no inspiration. Of course, I thought of all the symbols of peace: the dove, the peace sign, the traditional two-finger salute, but they just fell short for me. We have used them for so many years and we are still not at peace. I thought of my pups, my daughter and nature all the things that make me feel peaceful, but I could not think of what to do.

So the contest came and it almost went until it was decided to extend the submission date until September 4th: oh boy, now I have more time to not be inspired. Then something incredible happened.

This past Saturday, I had plans to take Ronny, my little brother, to 125th Street in Manhattan to the movies and whatever other fun things we could find. He is not my real little brother. He is an orphan and I have been visiting him at his uptown home for children and taking him around NYC since he was 7 years old. He is 19 now: we have done many things together. Before leaving my apartment, I threw my little Sony point and shoot camera in my bag just in case I saw something that represented peace to me.

Ronny was enthusiastically awaiting my arrival. All the other children in the home had gone to Rye Playland. There was no special vehicle to take Ronny in his wheel chair, so they asked if I could take him for the day instead: "of course."

Once on the bus, we settled down for the ride to 125th Street. We were talking about his week at camp when a small, little, wiry grey haired French lady reached over and handed him a brochure. "Ronny," I said, "she is trying to give you something." He accepted it.

I was suddenly at attention--there was bright red peace sign offset in the corner of a small black and white brochure. It had the words: "Got Peace . . . Or still looking for it?"

I froze. I almost looked around to see who was playing with me. After the surprise lessened, my mind started thinking about how I could use this. Ronny held the brochure against his shirt. The words on his shirt written in white faded letters on a bright red background read: "76 Liberty America" with "Got Peace" held in front of it. It was a serendipitous moment -- I accepted the gift. Ronny and I had time before the movie started to take some photos of our treasured brochure. I decided to recreate the moment of "Passing the Peace!"

In the process of photographing, working with Ronny, and remembering how that little woman joyfully handed the brochure to Ronny, I thought to myself that Peace is in the moments we live. We have the responsibility to recognize those moments, feel the peace, hold it and then pass it on to others.

So I pass this moment that Ronny and I lived on to you: PEACE IS IN THE MOMENT!

Photograph enhanced slightly in Photoshop.

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matej     6:38pm, Sep 02


nice work!

shelleyme     1:12am, Sep 03


Wow, Celie ann, what a wonderous story. The universe aligned with your intention to bring you exactly what you needed in that moment. May we live every moment of every day, in this way. "Passing the Peace" is a fabulous image. Thank you for sharing it with us.

fibergurl     11:04am, Sep 03


What a moment! Well done.

qalam     11:46am, Sep 03


Only you know how to Capture the moment!! Pass the Peace is a winner.

617417581     8:15am, Sep 04


Love your photo! What a great idea,PASS THE PIECE. I
think all of us should have cards similar to this to hand out!



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