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A Common Dream
Submitted by: awaken2sun | 1:19am, Jul 20
Culver City CA United States

My Vision of Peace
We all have a common dream, a dream that makes us feel good inside, a dream that consists of love and understanding, a dream that makes us smile with the thoughts of helping others, a dream that fills our heart with hope for our future, a dream of PEACE...Long ago Native Americans all over the world used something called a dream catcher. These dream catchers were hung above the bed, and were used as a charm to protect sleeping people, usually children, from nightmares. It is said that they allowed only good dreams to filter through the web and slide down the feathers to the sleeper. Bad dreams would stay in the web and disappear with the light of day. I wanted this art piece to represent our common dream of Peace. May one day all the bad be trapped, and may peace, love, and understanding be the only thing in our hearts...the red represents all the pain and struggle we have gone through trying to make our common dream come true.

The whole piece was made with graphite pencil on mat board, but I decided to add the red background on Photoshop to make it stand out.

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poorgood     9:41am, Jul 20


this is odd. it feels very military and is reminiscent of dictatorship symbols, but you have taken it from that realm, snatched it away, and made it a message of peace. i hope that is not insulting. i don't mean it to be. i really like this. its unlike anything else i've seen yet for this year's contest.

maryanns     10:57am, Jul 20


poorgood you are not insulting at all, i value everyone's opinion. This is what i love about art, that one piece can be seen so differently by many people. The dreamcatcher was a symbol of hope, unity, and good dreams for our native americans, the white dove is of course a symbol of peace, and the arms holding eachother represents helping eachother throughout this journey of peace we all is very interesting that such symbols may be seen as dictatorship...but i love the fact that the same picture is so different to our eyes :)

emilyport     11:42am, Jul 20


wow this is such an interesting piece, I absolutely love it! I love that the shadow of the dream catcher is a peace sign. There is so much going on, I disagree with poorgood on the dictatorship symbols, but i agree that it is unlike anything else I've seen so far. Amazing job!

maryanns     11:59am, Jul 20


thank you emily :) im glad you noticed the dream-catchers shadow :D

mindsculptor1     3:33pm, Jul 20


Great job. I give you a ten! The red really works.

narges     5:51am, Jul 23


That's really beautiful babe :) good job

sneige26     2:40am, Aug 16


Wow! Nice work! I like it very much:)

fonsopudn     11:36am, Aug 26


nice drawing skills



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