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the Spiritual Energy of Peace
Submitted by: awaken2sun | 4:43pm, Aug 06
Culver City CA United States

My Vision of Peace
This mandala came as quite a surprise to me. I had anticipated a gentle, soft, flowing image would emerge when I tapped into the energy of peace. Instead, as I worked on this mandala, it became more evident than ever to me that peace is a process. Itís active. Peacefulness is the result of that process, but peace itself is an action statement.

Upon completing the work, I sat back and looked at the mandala. At first glance, this mandala is almost psychedelic ~ it moves. Itís bright and active ~ no placid flow, but movement in every direction. My brain immediately began to question my process ~ how did i get this wrong? However, as a sat with the image as an observer instead of the artist, I found myself moving into a peaceful state. Meditation with the energy of peace moved me into an ability to sit with peacefulness.

My process is quite different than the suppositions people make. Iím a Reiki master/teacher. Reiki is a form of energy healing that can be sent over long distances. In long distance Reiki sessions, the practitioner focuses on the client and channels the energy across the distance through intention and directing that focus. I use this same technique to find and connect to the spiritual energy of a specific concept ~ in this case, Peace. However, the energy exchange becomes cyclical ~ I focus on the energy and that energy sends impressions, intuitions, thoughts back to me throughout the process of creating the mandala.

As for the working process ~ I create brush strokes in Adobe Illustrator. This page of strokes is copied into my working file in Adobe Photoshop. In Photoshop, I isolate a brush stroke and place the point in the center of the page. That line is copied and rotated. I copy and rotate the line again and again until it wraps around the circle. Then those lines are flattened to a single layer. That layer is duplicated, flipped horizontally, and flattened to the previous layer. The resulting layer is the beginning frame of the mandala. For the subsequent rows, I follow the same process but instead of the center of the page, I now attach each new line to the end of the previous layerís lines. The process of duplication and flattening continues with this new row and the next and on until the frame has been completed. Somehow, miraculously the outer lines always move toward their connection. The circle moves toward itís completion. The soul always incredibly directs my work toward this conclusion of wholeness. Then the background color gradient is added.

Once the frame and background colors are completed, I select the open spaces (cells) row by row and fill them with color. Sometimes the colors are flat, other times theyíre gradations. Sometimes the energy suggests that I individually add color to certain cells, one by one, going around the circle. When the color layer is complete, I add a slight drop shadow and embossing to the frame. Inevitably star bursts of one sort or another are called for around the rim of the mandala and in the center. I flatten the image and the Spiritual Energy Mandala is complete!

 The final Spiritual Energy Mandalas are available as high resolution giclee prints on high quality paper stock or as gallery wrapped stretched canvases in a variety of sizes.

Iím in awe of this entire process and of the wondrous blessing of working with these energies.

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awaken2sun     4:51pm, Aug 06


Wow...this is stunning. When I first began this journey, I thought that peace was a gentle, somewhat serious business, but my mind too, has been opened. Absolutely fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

cherylart     5:15pm, Aug 06


Beautiful Mandela, indeed, peace is a process, it is between you and I and that cannot be done passively only by connecting with each other and accepting each other. Thank you for participating!

poorgood     9:20pm, Aug 06


this is delicious.

rosendo     11:55pm, Aug 06


It certainly seems to be a generating force unto it's own. Purely organic in nature with no clumsily engineered facets that eventually wear down and/or deteriorate.

This piece continues to reinvent itself the more I gaze upon it.

soulmandala     7:17am, Aug 30


thank you all for your kind and gracious comments! i'm quite humbled...

laidback1     7:52am, Sep 04


Namaste ! Such a wonderful mandala...and peace is a vibrant, moving process which you convey extremely well with your use of colour and movement. Thank you..

anitas     8:26pm, Sep 04


Thank you for showing me this sight from face book and how you Mandala's are made Peace Anita

soulmandala     7:07am, Sep 12


thank you so much!



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