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Bantu Steve Biko "Black is Beautiful."
Submitted by: awaken2sun | 7:44am, Sep 15
Culver City CA United States

My Vision of Peace
"While Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo, and Desmond Tutu are rightly venerated for their role in opposing and ending white minority rule in South Africa, another leader of the liberation years has been remarkably overlooked: Bantu Steven Biko, who led the enormously influential Black Consciousness Movement. Four decades after his death in police custody on September 12 1977, he deserves to be recognized as one of the towering heroes of the anti-apartheid struggle.

In fact, as Nelson Mandela put it, the apartheid state was so fearful of Biko's influence that "they had to kill him to prolong the life of apartheid".
In 1977, Biko was killed in police custody after brutal interrogation and torture.

Despite a subsequent political cover up, the circumstances of his death were exposed, laying bare the violence of the apartheid state. His death led to greater international pressure against white minority rule, particularly via the global Anti-Apartheid Movement and influential people such as white journalist and activist Donald Woods, whose friendship with Biko was the subject of the 1987 film "Cry Freedom."

So even though Biko became a martyr for the anti-apartheid struggle in his day, he is too often left out of the story. The same goes for other figures who helped topple the system, especially those who worked outside the ANC. It's long past time to properly celebrate these other elements of the struggle -- of whom Steve Biko was surely among the strongest." CNN

This piece was done with gouache on hot pressed Arches Block. I pulled into Indesign for typography.

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judith     2:38pm, Sep 16


Thank you for bringing this forgotten figure to the world's attention!

bglatzeder2013     1:08am, Sep 17


Strong piece! I'm an SA expat with family there and worry a lot about the recent developments.


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