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Tank Man
Submitted by: awaken2sun | 5:56pm, Sep 26
Culver City CA United States

My Vision of Peace
Unlike the single narrative storytelling techniques used in traditional animations to amuse and entertain audiences, Chen's animations have nonlinear narratives that engage viewers to critically reflect on social and ethical issues. Through animation based on art practice, by projecting his thoughts and personal experience on distorted stories, Chen propose new insights and compels audiences to think about the unvarnished beauty and ugliness of the world. By bringing awareness of social problems and ethical issues, Chen uses his art to help us envision a world where every sentient being can live in harmony.

The illustration Tank Man was created based on an iconic photo Tank Man of Tiananmen, taken by Jeff Widener. Tank man is a lone man who stepped in front of a column of tanks on June 5, 1989, the morning after the huge protest be suppressed that resulted in the deaths of hundreds. Almost 30 years after the incident, the identity and fate of the man remain unclear, but he instantly became a symbol of the protests as well as a symbol against oppression worldwide. In the illustration Chen replaced the tanks with excavators, since it is a common tool that currently being used for authority to pull down civilian's house without any acknowledgement. The bunny who lives in the bottom of the food chain is a symbol of the vulnerable civilian, and the dogs with camouflage clothing are symbol of dolls of the authority.

Maya, Z-Brush, Mudbox, Photoshop were used to create this augmented reality piece.

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awaken2sun     6:40am, Sep 28


So powerful. Thank you. Would love to do a 3d piece like this to be part of the exhibit.

sonicpop     1:43pm, Nov 05


It's good to see that the one moment where someone truly brave stepped up to create a still frame of the insanity that befalls us all is still resonating. I like the animal as metaphor for humans it is poignant that way. So sad that this kind of commentary even has to exist isn't it? Regardless this piece is very well done. It is iconic and applies to the us currently. We are not so different after all are we?


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