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Family Tree
Submitted by: awaken2sun | 6:33am, Oct 01
Culver City CA United States

My Vision of Peace
To me, a tree symbolizes life and it represents family. I happened to see this art piece hanging on the wall of a restaurant and thought it was amazing. I love the wood branches radiating out from a center spiral: the trunk, the main support; or in my mind -- the home base.

The spiral reminds me of my family life as a kid growing up. In that home base, there was always motion, noise, and chaos in our home and I loved it. I grew up with 5 siblings and we were raised by a single mom who was all about family. Those branches radiating out from that central spiral represent us as we all moved out on our own.

However, the view can be reversed to see the branches finding their way back to where they begin. And, like those branches, my family comes back together to the center to unite for holidays or for other events. We find familiarity, laughter, and peace together.

I chose to create this in a colorful central focus as there is so much fun and love when we all come back together. I also felt that by creating a second level in a more monochromatic coloring, it becomes representative of the families from our past who are a part of us.

I dedicate this to my mom who just returned home. She passed in February of 2015 and selflessly donated her body to medical science. It is now September of 2017 and her ashes were just returned to us. All of her branches will come together and unite to honor her and to scatter her ashes. And in the circle of life: her grandchildren are now the branches and my siblings and I are now the trunk.

The artwork was photographed using my iPhone. The low lighting in the restaurant combined with the flash from my phone, added such interesting play with the shadows. Once I brought it into Photoshop, I just had fun manipulating the color, contrast, vibrance, and saturation. I then created a layer using the original image to frame it out.

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jamiallensnyder     9:12pm, Oct 01


A lovely sentiment about your mother.

judyw     4:54am, Oct 06


Thank you for your kind words

awaken2sun     3:06pm, Oct 20


Judy...sometimes I miss some of the pieces in the heat of the Call for Artists. I just saw this and it's such a beautiful story. And WoW! Single mom with 5 kids? That is incredible.

judyw     2:22pm, Oct 23


Thanks Lisa. She really was pretty incredible. It was actually 6 kids total... 3 boys, 3 girls. My identical twin and I are number 5 & 6!


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