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We Are One
Submitted by: awaken2sun | 10:58am, Oct 06
Culver City CA United States

My Vision of Peace
In my image, "We are One" (which is part of my ongoing series titled, "Nature Dissected") I attempt to create a new visual life, a merging of bits and pieces from nature to create new life... nature merges and appears human in this piece; demonstrating, what I feel, is our deep connection and unity with nature. We must unite for peace with our environment as well as with each other. May we respect and nurture the natural world that surrounds us-Mother Earth, which in turn helps us unite and nurture each other.

Nature Dissected is a translation -- a sculptural process where I select various macro images and place them together to create a new visual statement. This work reflects my vision of nature as objects of design, based upon my interpretation of color, design and feeling. Focusing on the intimate details of plant life, I explore how the man-made world of design is influenced by these nuances. For me, nature is the greatest teacher.

All the images in Nature Dissected are photographed as found in nature. I compose within the camera based upon how the object is lit & placed within the real world. Upon returning to the studio, I select and edit the images based on color, composition, highlight and shadow placement, as well as my determination of each individual photo's ability to interact with another. In order to "reconstruct " and create a final image, I place various images together; rotating, duplicating, masking and cropping until their interaction evokes a final piece.

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