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Beyond the Shell.
Submitted by: awaken2sun | 12:02pm, Oct 09
Culver City CA United States

My Vision of Peace
This photo represents how connected we all really are, how we can bring love-light-laughter to one another, and how our souls connect on a deeper realm that we struggle to even comprehend. I believe other people's souls come into our lives at unexpected times but at the right time.

The photo is a self-portrait (a "selfie") that I captured in a park while watching a friend's band play. Little did I realize until later that my sunglasses were reflecting two significant symbols:

1. Strength and Growth: the tree
2. Hope: the reflection of a significant soul that is in my life.
The tree, also, represents nature to me. Nature has really helped me reflect and given me hope during a difficult time. The significant soul has touched my life by reminding me to keep my eyes open and to enjoy life in spite of my hardships that I personally face lately. His soul came into my life at an unexpected time but at the right time.

My eyes have been opened recently. I'm able to keep fighting as I continue to grow, search, find, look for help, and gain strength through it all. My life is on a new path. I hope and wish that for everyone throughout the world, whatever hardship it is that they are facing.

Peace, Love, and Understanding


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awaken2sun     3:33pm, Oct 20


Love this. Thanks for sharing it and for joining us here.


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