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Crossing Over
Submitted by: awaken2sun | 6:44pm, Aug 17
Culver City CA United States

My Vision of Peace
I started this painting the day after my son passed away. I had no preconceived idea of what it should be. All I knew was that I had to paint it. To me, the painting was orchestrated by a power greater than what we know here on earth. Of course the heart radiates as the symbol of love. Swirls, clouds, water... the elements I suppose.

Peace reigns when we let go. Love walks us through the process.

Oil Paint on canvas 48"X 48". This was completely free-styled and completed within two weeks.

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rosendo     8:58pm, Aug 17


My sincere condolences~

Such a powerful image. I love the spheres as they spiral around the heart and I love how the clouds mimic the path of the vortex which leads to the heart's core. The angel's presence is especially poetic as it assists the smaller "younger" spheres safely through~


sonicpop     9:14pm, Aug 17


Hi Dear One. I am sorry for the physical loss that you have had to endure. I have to say that your son, though he has left this mortal plane had made that choice to depart before he descended here. He will be creating Light and Love wherever his spirit flows. I imagine that he was a great teacher and held love within and without. The heart in the Kabbalistic Tree is the sun. The Center. The Christ. The thing that creates growth and burns away the old. What you have illustrated quite lovingly and freely is the return to the one. With a beautiful Archangel to guide the soul to the place of pure Love and Acceptance.
I am moved by your desire to just follow your guidance in order to make some sense of this loss. This being has made you stronger. And you will in turn share that strength with others. If only empathically.

His Light transformed others and you. If he so chooses, he will work with you from whatever plane he works within.

Please do not despair. He has made a transition but towards Source.
The best thing you can do is keep him in your heart and un-tether him and allow him to soar with your Blessing.

In Love and Light and a wish for your life to flow with Blessings.
A Servant of The Light

alexkube     6:02pm, Aug 23


Thank you so much for your beautiful comments. My son's passing was a profound experience filled with love and a bittersweet joy for his liberation. he lived his lie with CP from infancy and knew how to live with pain and struggle. Luckily he was well loved and knew how to find pieces of joy through interaction with unconditionally loving people in his life. When he passed we were both at peace (Sean more than me obviously). I know this sounds hokey, but I feel that he painted this through my hand just to let us all know that it's all okay and that the highest purpose is love.
thank you... we're doing just fine (smile).

jonathanc     7:12pm, Aug 23


simply wow. I love it.



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