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Home World Uluwatu
Submitted by: awaken2sun | 2:49pm, Aug 23
Culver City CA United States

My Vision of Peace
When I came into the world, I was seeing auras and, as a result of failing the standard eye tests, I was diagnosed as being blind. I was however, not blind. Rather, I retained a vivid recollection of my eternal existence in a place I call "Home World." From the time I was three-years old, I have been painting pictures of this place of two suns and three moons. In 1976, I returned to Home World for 155 vital and healthful years after I accidentally drove my motorcycle off a 20-foot cliff, was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital emergency ward, underwent a near death experience (NDE), and remained out-of-body for nearly three hours.

Although many people report near death experiences, few are comfortable enough out-of-body to remain on "the other side" for such an extended period of time. Fewer still have the artistic ability to return painting pictures of what they know to be true about life after life.

This 4' x 6' image represents our eternal existence, the totality of what is perceived, understood, and remembered in the peaceful pre-life and after-life that unites us. Although there are no absolutes on earth, and although complete and perfect PEACE is impossible to achieve in our dualistic reality, it becomes the whole of reality when we pass from this life and transcend time and space. In that world, beyond our individual and separate physical lives, we return to our spirit/eternal life, our collective, spiritual essence family if you will. There, we are again at peace, ready, if we so choose, to come back to do it all over again here on earth or somewhere else.

This work represents the transitional realm referred to as "heaven" or "nirvana" in certain belief systems. When viewing this paintings, people often express a sense of recall and/or a feeling of wanting to be in this place. Healers and psychologists have attributed healing properties to this painting; musicians and mathematicians have remarked on the flow of light and color in it as music and quantum physics.

At our spiritual core, humanity as a collective species has the ability to manifest lasting PEACE, a peace that is free from the social, religious, political, and philosophical stigma of separateness. This underlying connectedness speaks to my purpose in creating art. The essence of true and lasting PEACE requires that we embrace our collective sameness and uniqueness all at the same time. This is the PEACE we long for.

As an artist-born, I hold my role in the creative process to be that of a tool, a toy that Divine uses to express and impart its necessary information to the three-dimensional realm that we occupy as reality. Thus, I have developed what I call a "Co-creative Painting Process." In this process, I do my best to stay out of the way of the paint and allow my tools, the paint and the canvas to speak their message as an interpretation of Divine in its infinite aspects of Self. I draw nothing out beforehand in the process of applying paint to canvas. This is the approach I used in this work, which happens to be acrylic on canvas.

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awaken2sun     5:11pm, Dec 15


Jack...I just had a moment to re-read this. Really powerful. Hope you're doing very well.



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