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Submitted by: awaken2sun | 8:02pm, Jul 09
Culver City CA United States

My Vision of Peace
Just as the alchemists of the Middle Ages desired to discover the principles of matter and life through their experiments and meditations, I practice alchemy in my own way to convey my desires for a utopia to God through the materials of my artistic inspiration. Although alchemy is often dismissed today as an antiquated and misguided attempt to obtain gold from common metals, practitioners of alchemy often had more noble aspirations. Alchemy was not only an exploration for knowledge, but it was also an enormous theoretical system that attempted to synthesize philosophy, religion, and scientific observation in the pursuit of enlightenment. The alchemist's symbols of enlightenment, the elixir of life, the philosopher’s stone, and gold, all signify the ideal understanding of the world that alchemists sought after through the unification of diverse disciplines.

Just like the alchemists, I too wish to synthesize aspects of philosophy, religion, and science in my art in order to express my utopian ideals. In some respects my pieces appear hypnotic and even beautiful, but its images are derived from the suffering, poverty, and frustration that stem from disasters, wars, and discrimination that are ever present in the world today. My work featuring distorted and abstract images signifies the view of one who avoids seeing the world straightforwardly, or one who disregards the world as an onlooker, because taking the world in directly and fully is too painful. The images appear contorted as the eyes would turn away in order to avoid a straightforward glance. Such painful images however bear my aspirations for a utopia as the images are reborn together into an exquisite image.

Artistic inspiration and computer programs are the tools I use in my personal approach to artistic alchemy. I can make a wide variety of attempts and experiments in the process of creating utopian images.

Alchemy's desire to unify different disciplines in search for an ideal is a lesson I have taken to heart and is what I try to express in my art. I try to realize my own ideals through the synthesis of ideas and imagery from many disciplines along with artistic inspiration, my artistic capability, and my sense of altruism.

oil painting, color pencil, oil pastel, fabric and computer graphic tool

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rosendo     11:27pm, Jul 09


I can look at this for hours and still find something new hidden in the layered imagery. Like some one who is looking for answers, Aspiration does exactly what it was meant to do; reveals the truths that already lay inside each of us. Similar to pictographs this piece may tell a different story depending on how the viewer sees the world in which they live.

awaken2sun     2:42pm, Jul 10


Beautiful...and in looking at this, I realize that we need to increase the image size so that we can see these images more clearly! Thanks for joining us and for your thoughtful submission.

ckay     3:27pm, Aug 29


I really enjoy reading about your vision. Thank you for sharing your alchemy.



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