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War No More
Submitted by: awaken2sun | 8:06pm, Jul 12
Culver City CA United States

My Vision of Peace
In a world of turmoil and darkness, itís hard not to turn on your TV, listen to the radio, or read a newspaper or magazine article and not have war, despair, and pain overwhelm you.

I painted this piece with bold bright colors, meshing together illustrations that are representative of Love, Unity, Earth, and Peace, as well as symbols that are indicative of soothing elements that resonate happiness and warmth within the viewer. I wanted the piece to be filled light and kindness so a viewer may be overwhelmed not with pain and despair, but with joy and, most importantly, hope that through all this darkness there is still kindness in us all to help our society endure and emerge better than it is.

I hope this piece opens up everyones hearts and allows us all to give peace a chance.

- Initial concept developed in my sketch book
- I rendered and colored the illustration using a combination of adobe illustrator
and photoshop
- Using my projector, I enlarged the drawing onto a 36'' x 36'' canvas
- I painted using Acrylic paints
- bold black lines were done using a painter marker

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awaken2sun     8:30pm, Jul 12


I love it...and you've succeeded in bringing some joy into my heart tonight. Thanks for joining us here on The Whole 9.

rosendo     9:39pm, Jul 12


Is it just me or does this piece just scream...All You Need Is Love?!

Nice Pop flair~

I love it too. I keep waiting for John, Paul, George and Ringo to come floating around the bend in their Yellow Submarine and take us all the the Octopus' Garden where we'll live happily ever after~

poorgood     8:58am, Jul 13


sgt. peppers!

theredhead     10:12am, Jul 13


Can I get this on a t-shirt, please? Cool 60's vibe work!

lschau     1:45pm, Jul 13


Thank You, I really appreciate all these kind comments. It is really amazing for any artist to have there work appreciated by merely one person. So i am extremely grateful and humbled that you guys took the time out to comment on my work.

I am very excited to be apart of this competition. Thank you again.

jonathanc     8:54am, Jul 14


Loving the vivid colors and some flashback moments.

ckay     8:51pm, Jul 20


Feeling Groovy! Thanks.

vilma     10:26am, Aug 17


Love it! Reminds me of the coca cola jingle. "I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony..."

ravensoul1     2:57pm, Aug 24


I think you have are very talented, It is a painting I'd like to see everyday!

lschau     3:47pm, Aug 27


You know when i entered this contest, I entered because I wanted to be apart of something bigger then myself as a individual artist. I cannot begin to express my gratitude not only for the opportunity, but the gratitude for all these wonderful comments about this piece. All of the kind words and people who like this so much have truly humbled me as not only an artist but as an individual.

As an artist making this kind of impact in a positive way is what art is all about. Thank you again.



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