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A Simple Favor: In Search of A Missing Woman and Its Secret

Philadelphia PA United States

October 19   -2:30pm   0

In the first half of 20 Century there was a separate genre, "pulp", a name used for cheap magazines famous with their mediocre and low quality literature relying on shock, vulgarity and brutality to entertain their readers. Today the equivalent are the books being sold at the gas stations - usually poor quality thriller and romance you get to kill your time. A Simple Favor is this type of movie.

We begin with this clarification because we want to be on the same page with you, so to say. A Simple Favor watch online is plain and not very smart full movie, at least that's what have to say. This doesn't mean it's not entertaining. Quite the opposite, it is very good example of this "pulp" we were talking about - easy crime whose story falls apart even from small things, but with a lot of humor, amusement and style.

The story, without going into details, follows Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) whose best friend Emily (Blake Lively) disappears without a trace. Stephanie has a vlog online with tips for other mothers. She is smiling, cheerful and full of energy, ready to take part in any exercise in her son's school. Emily is exceptionally elegant young woman which struggles to find time to take her son from school and can't stand even a minute more than the necessary there. They are opposite personalities but manage to make friendship after Emily admits her biggest secret to Stephanie.

One day Emily asks her friend for "a simple favor" - to take her son from school, and after that disappears and leaves Stephanie to take care of her husband Sean (Henry Golding) and their son Nicky, while investigating what happened. From this point the story becomes interesting crime-thriller, but when you watch A Simple Favor free the last 20 minutes of the film turn into parody and everything falls apart. However right before the final the full movie is very nice and intriguing, beautifully shot with great and fun moments.

Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick are brilliant. They represent their characters vision and behavior flawlessly. Besides this the director gives them the opportunity to play and to be free. The most impressive thing is Paul Feig doen't rush directly in the mystery. The first 30 or so minutes are dedicated to showing the main characters, there are long scenes with dialogues between the two woman, which allows the audiences to get to know their personalities.

Don't expect real mystery or real thriller. Don't try to search for hidden messages, just enjoy watching A Simple Favor without thinking too much.

terappe | 10:10am, Oct 19
Kenner LA United States
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