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Updated 7:10pm, Oct 15
danwillsphotography just submitted this entry to The Peace Project's International Call-for-Artists. Check it out and do your art for Peace.

Artistic Nudes

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    Peace Within Love
  2. Artistic Nudes Gallery

    Screaming For Peace
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    Human Peace
  4. Artistic Nudes Gallery

  5. Artistic Nudes Gallery

    Take Hold
  6. Artistic Nudes Gallery

    Hide and Seek
  7. Artistic Nudes Gallery

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    Gum Drop
  9. Artistic Nudes Gallery

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  11. Artistic Nudes Gallery

    Streaks Too
  12. Artistic Nudes Gallery

    Back Bone
  13. Artistic Nudes Gallery

    Dirty Window
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    Roll Over
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  18. Artistic Nudes Gallery

  19. Artistic Nudes Gallery

  20. Artistic Nudes Gallery

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    Waiting Here
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    The Dirty Window
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    Streaks Again
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  29. Artistic Nudes Gallery

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    Living Room
  31. Artistic Nudes Gallery

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    Light On My Feet
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    Sink and Tub
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  36. Artistic Nudes Gallery

    Turn Back

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    C U C M E
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Personal Info
"My Camera My Style"
I am a: Man
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Seeking: Networking, Friends
Age: 50
Education: College Degree
City: Westchester, NY
Country: United States
Profession: Searching
My Causes:
Number of Views: 6,998
Professional Info
City: Westchester, NY, 10543, United States
My Profession: Photography
About my work:
This portfolio primarily highlights my self portrait work as well as a few images selected from my artistic nude female bodyscapes.

It seems that some people are against nudity in any form whether it is public nudity at a nude beach or artistically taken nude photographs. Depending on the cultural upbringing and the individual person some believe nudity is vulgar or obscene but others embrace it and celebrate its uniqueness, freedom and artistic possibilities. I don't understand the shame that some people seem to place on the nude body. Nudity is what every person on earth has in common, the simple fact; underneath it all we are nude. Once disrobed, we can all experience the feeling of nudity. We each appear in different shapes and sizes but the basic element is that each and every last one of us was born naked. There is not one person that can say, "hold on a moment I am an exception, I was born wearing clothing." It just does not happen because we all enter the world in shameless nudity. All we have to do is remove the name brand outfits and then there is only skin and unique shapes left to show the world if you "dare." I recommend that everyone at least once photograph themselves naked. It is best if you can start as young as possible so that you will always have a picture of what you body looked like at a specific period in your life and you can see how your naked body changes over the years.

Self-portraits have always been an interest of mine because of the creativity and preparation in setting up a shot that involves me in two roles, the photographer as well as the subject. The appearance of death in a self-portrait can be quite disturbing but at the same time interesting. I purposefully chose to avoid capturing my face in the majority of the photographs because I believe that the face exhibits deep emotion which can distract from the intent of the captured nudity. I often try to utilize natural light to highlight the body as well as the included surroundings and experiment with unique settings and objects to see what develops.

One aspect that draws me to photography is the unique story that each image tells. The interpretation of the story is individualized and defined by the photographer and the viewer. By skillfully manipulating and reacting to the lighting, color, exposure, and camera angles the images produced gives the viewer a glance at the diversity of life at a specific instant through my perspective.

Thanks for taking a look - Dan
Past Clients and Projects include:
2010 - Projekt30 December Online Group Exhibition: - Exhibition Dates: 12/1 - 12/31

2010 - thewhole9 Peace Project

2010 - Art House Co-op, Brooklyn NY - Self Portrait Project - Group Photography Show and book.

2009 - The International Aperture Awards - Silver and Bronze Award.


Dan Wills

Searching  |   Westchester, NY United States


Chief of Everything Else
Los Angeles

Visual Artist

Los Angeles


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danwillsphotography birthday today!,
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