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Peace March
Submitted by: judyw | 9:17am, Oct 03
Chicago IL United States

My Vision of Peace
I proudly took part in Chicago's Women's March on January 21, 2017. Chicago's march was one of hundreds that took place globally in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington. The demonstrations were aimed to draw attention to women's rights, as well as other issues including civil rights, healthcare, immigration and racial justice. Chicago was the 3rd largest attended march with its numbers at 250,000; far surpassing the 50,000 expected.

I took many pictures to not only record this historic event for myself but to document the passion of why others were participating. Their signs focused on the different issues... some were done with humor while others were thought-provoking. Of all of the photos that I took, this sign really got to the heart of what I felt. When I took the picture, I was so focused on the sign that it wasn't until I downloaded it on my computer that I saw the woman with her hand on the shoulder of her friend and her head bowed... this solidified why we were gathered; to be unified and to support each other.

I chose to emphasize some items with color. In addition to the sign, I left the blue of the sky as I felt that the calm, clear, warm day was reflected in the atmosphere of the event... such a major contrast to what a typical winter day in Chicago would usually be. I also left the color in the pink hats as they became synonymous with this march.

The image was taken with my iPhone and cropped and manipulated in Photoshop.

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lizb     1:53pm, Oct 09


Nice composition. I like the way the pink of the knit hats in the lower frame set off the woman reaching out to touch other one before her.


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