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As above so below
Submitted by: artseacat | 10:39am, Oct 16
south pasadena CA United States

My Vision of Peace
In light of the recent natural disasters that have ravaged our planet due to global warming,
hence the title "As above so below" we ALL have to step up and take action NOW, how we've treated our planet thus far is coming back to us through Mother natures wrath
Right now, more than ever, there's a great call from the universe for light. It's a call that we can all feel in some way or another. It's that feeling inside that says, there's got to be a better way, and that need for us to become the most positive and loving person we've ever been.

We HAVE to take care of each other and our beautiful planet to create peace

Mother Nature is depicted as a Mermaid, although there is a hint of sadness she looks upon our planet with hope and love sending out golden healing energy through thought and sound.

I have always been drawn to the ocean and water, A place where healing , peace and tranquility are present,a place to let go of negativity to breathe in the clean sea air, a place to connect to the earth through bare feet in the sand and place to meditate on healing yourself and the world we live in .

Mixed media
traditional as well as photoshop painting to fine tune

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awaken2sun     7:18am, Oct 18


Just love this piece, Verdelle!

lizb     1:20pm, Oct 16


Love this. Nice to see you back!


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