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The Whold 9

The Whole 9 is an online community dedicated to empowering creatives. Our members (artists, photographers, designers, marketers, musicians, writers and others) come from across the United States and around the world – all looking for a new way to connect.

Our team is dedicated to building this community -- a place where creative, open-minded people can meet and share, showcase work, get work and engage in intelligent dialog. We also take what we do offline, hosting workshops and seminars that are designed to get you the information you need to succeed in your field.

We're also identifying ways we can mobilize our community and use our creativity to make this world a better place. The Peace Project is our most recent effort. But we' ve only just begun our journey. Want to come along?

Check out COMMUNITY where you can connect with creatives in your area, showcase your work, source new talent, post an event and find others to collaborate with. Dive into JOBS ETC where you can find hundreds of Calls for Artist and scores of other opportunities. And speak out in BLOGS, where a small group of Whole 9 members rap about everything from art to astrology, politics to humor.

If you're looking for common ground, join us now.

The Whole 9 - common ground for creative people

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INSTINC Residency Programme
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1708 Gallery's InLight Richmond 2018 Call for Proposals
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$1000 Working Artist Purchase Award | Call for Submissions Deadline: June 30,
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